About Me

I have painted since I was a child and have always had the desire to create. Alongside raising my children I have trained in counselling and art therapy whilst continuing on my artisitc path. This culminated in 2009 when I set up Seagrass, a studio, gallery and space to teach and offer counselling with art therapy skills.

I have a B.Ed Hons in Art and Design but my working processes have come about through experimentation and play since my degree. I am inspired by my local environment and derive great pleasure from my daily dog walks when I am out beachcombing and collecting bits for my mixed media hangings. My painting technique has evolved over time to encorporate sand and earth gathered on my walks which I either mix in with my paints or apply directly to the canvas, rendering tactile memory of the places I visit. The addition of sand and earth gives a wonderful texture and a real sense of connection to the landscape. Living on the coast even influences my jewellery designs. I have a bit of an obsession for seaglass and driftwood so they often find their way into my work. I feel blessed to live on this beautiful peninsula. So much to offer and inspire!

You will find me either creating or teaching in my studio 4 or 5 days a week. It's good to discipline myself and be there regularly which leads to prolific output! Being both studio and gallery, I can offer customers the opportunity to see me at work, have a cuppa and explore the wonderful range of arts and crafts created by approximately 30 local makers.

Do pop in and visit. Seagrass is opposite Hoylake train station and the kettle is always on!